Since MSUM sucked, and I’d really like to finish college I have to find a new school (again).¬†

Let see… Do I want to leave Fargo? No. Kay. That leaves me:

A) Online Schooling

B) Getting an Associates at NDSCS then going online through UW-Stout 


Most of the other things that “could” be viable options for me really aren’t.

Im pretty sure I’ll be going with option C and attending NDSU, hopefully in the Fall. Just gotta get some of my loans paid down first! :)

Does anyone have ANYTHING to say about NDSU? How’s the internet? Will I hate my life there as much as I did at MSUM?

  1. whovianbluetardisgirl answered: there isn’t anything wrong with msum. it is a good school… :/
  2. leapinglion answered: NDSU has pretty damn fast internet! It’s nice here. I think you’ll like it. c:
  3. mtndewkckstart answered: the internet is nice n fast @NDSU..
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