Moorhead! :)

So, I have realized that I don’t understand this “tumblr” thing as much as I probably should - and it’s probably like 30X easier than I make it. 

I want to talk to people going to MSUM in the Fall! Or just people who live in the Fargo Moorhead area! Because I really want to not sit at home on my days off being a bum anymore - as awesome as my house is I’d rather meet people!

So, if you are interested in talking to me and getting to know me and stuff - you should add me on Facebook and initiate a conversation - probably should tell me you’re going to MSUM in the fall though ;)!

Anyways, off to to Target in Fargo to worky work until midnight! <3 Love my job!

Lets try this again! 

I edited my privacy settings on facebook <3

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